Due to different circumstances a lot has been on hold but most will be back on track within the next few months. Due limited time resources The Wee Dragon was part of the delays.

As with everything it takes time and that is true regardeng veyden. The Wee Dragon is still in post-production with the effects taking a long time to produce. With the production of a 48K website and filming and producing a live production of Sound Collider live at the Drummonds bar in Aberdeen Scotland. There has been a few things happening that require completed for the next projects to begin.

Veyden is currently in a metamorphosis.

You will see all updates over time on the website.

The Wee Dragon is still being edited again and the dragon special effects will be added by John and Scott.

Disaster has happened to the wee dragon film and all film footage as a HDD clicked and stopped working that had everything on it. The information is still on the disk but getting it off will take time and money. With the wee dragon film, footage can still upload from the tapes to another HDD so can still edit and produce the film. This has pushed the completion date further back to possible next year.

Abi unfortanitly due to starting at university is having to leave veyden. With her departure we hope gain's the qualification that she is aiming for.

We filmed at the Wizard Festival on the 27th and 28th August 2010 to produce a short DVD to show the family aspect at the festival. This will be placed upon there website to show people what they can look forward to every year as well as the live music. Keep a look out as should be up as soon as possible.